Services Offered

Audit - Training – Expertise Problem solving- Cost optimization

Cost optimization

·    Analysis and direct cost reduction from Lost Time Incident by the prevention of accident and occupational diseases and the monitoring of legal aspect or litigation.

·    Management of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) central purchasing, negotiation for group of companies

·    Waste management: grouping to decrease the costs of transportation, study  for waste valorization

·    Identification of training needs and proposal of a global delivery of HSE trainings.

 Identification of periodic equipment verification (legally required) and the proposal of a global delivery

Resolution of Problems- Counsel

·    Ergonomic study of workplace and, Improvement proposal to reduce

the strain at work

·    Study to reduce occupational risk factors related to physical constraints.

·     Integration of employees  in handicapped situation

·    Accessibility study for persons with reduced mobility    

Audit/ Management System

·    Preparation for ISO14001 & OHSAS18001 management system before certification

·    Corporate Social Responsibility

·    Due diligence facility review before purchase or sale and/or closure.

·    HSE audit services to Third Party Manufacturer or Contractor

·    Internal HSE SWOT Audit

·    Security Audit

·    Business Continuity Plan

·    Crisis management Plan Emergency plan


·    HSE training for Individual or Group

·    Technical HSE Training according to client’s needs: Chemical risk, ATEX, Fire protection, evacuation of the premises…

·    HSE knowledge for Managers and Supervisors

·    Sensitivity to occupational Risks

·    Behavior based safety training 

·    New hiring training & safety training at the workplace

Technical expertise                

·    Occupational risk assessment

·    ATEX study, zoning, ATEX Legal dossier

·    Environmental Hazard and Impact study

·    Folder preparation for HSE Administrative declaration

·    Site Security assessment

·    Chemical Risk assessment         

-       substitution of CMR chemical products, 

-       qualitative measurements of occupational exposure


Protection of the environment

·     Administrative HSE folders constitution

·     Waste management -study to develop and manage the waste valorization

·    Transportation of hazardous materials (ADR)

·    Study for reduction and optimization of energy and water consumption

·    Environmental impact and/or hazard studies

Health at the workplace

·    Ergonomic study of  workstations

·    Accessibility of handicapped persons

·    Adequacy and harmonization of Personal Protection Equipment

·    Prevention of occupational issues due to musculo skeletal disorder (MSD)

·    Noise measurements, mapping & report

Safety and risks prevention 

·    Workplace risk assessment

·    Chemical risk assessment

·    MSDS Management & simplified MSDS preparation

·    Fire prevention and protection

·    ATEX dossier

·    Contractor safety - Prevention plan

·    Safety permit implementation:   fire permit, confined space entry permit,  loading / unloading protocol 

·    Safety sheet at the workplace

Legal requirements conformity 


·    Occupational Exposure Sheet

·    HSE regulation conformity

·    ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001

·    Relationship with interested parties (Local Administration, Environmental Agency, NGO…)

·    List of equipment  subject to periodic checks

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